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Irene Hurdle

Irene Hurdle Original Art

Markham, ON


Welcome to my site.

After several careers in different fields, I finally decided to follow my true passion, painting. As you can tell from my paintings, I love colour. I have experimented in many media, and currently am painting in acrylic, with some mixed media and a few oils

I paint florals, landscapes and abstracts. The unifying theme in all these works is colour. What a dreary world it would be without colour.

Artist Statement
Art is design, and design is everywhere
Whether it is a beautiful flower, a majestic mountain, a sleek Ferrari, an awesome skyscraper, a simple tea cup, or the striations in a rock
Everything has design

As I look at the world around me, I am filled with awe at the profusion of colours, textures, and infinite variety of shapes - all elements of design - combining harmoniously in never ending ways

Colour is my joy; colour is the first thing I see; colour is exciting
Texture gives depth and meaning to colour

Art is also communication. Through my paintings, I describe the designs I see, and the emotions they evoke in me
I hope that my paintings will also evoke an emotional response in the viewer, and create an awareness of the beautiful work of art that life is

Art , like music and poetry, speaks to us on a level that goes much deeper than words. That\'s why it is often difficult to describe why we are attracted to a particular painting. We are drawn to it and just like it. To know if a particular painting is for you, keep coming back to it, and you will never get tired of it. It will always refresh your spirit in some way.

Thank you for stopping by.



Golden Flow by Irene Hurdle


Blue Lagoon by Irene Hurdle


Spirit Dancer by Irene Hurdle


Solitude by Irene Hurdle


Reflections by Irene Hurdle


Simplicity 2 by Irene Hurdle


Simplicity by Irene Hurdle


Tumbling Waters by Irene Hurdle


Eternal Flow by Irene Hurdle


Emergence by Irene Hurdle


Dreamscape by Irene Hurdle


Bold and Beautiful by Irene Hurdle


Blue Indigo Iris by Irene Hurdle


Spring Fusion by Irene Hurdle


Hibiscus by Irene Hurdle


Floral Symphony by Irene Hurdle


Calla Lilies by Irene Hurdle


Blue Indigo by Irene Hurdle


Dreamstime 3 by Irene Hurdle


Sunrise in My Garden by Irene Hurdle


Red Tulips by Irene Hurdle


RainDance 2 by Irene Hurdle


RainDance 1 by Irene Hurdle


In the Beginning by Irene Hurdle


Woodland Stream by Irene Hurdle